Part 5 – And Now a Word from Our Sponsors

            Hey! Ron Brianson here. When I started Questae, Inc., I hoped for success, but I never anticipated just how fast the market would clamor for what we make. In our ever-changing world, technology is brand new one day and obsolete the next. And that always concerned me. What do we do with the flip phones and clunky desktop computers that no one uses anymore? Where do they go? Responsible consumers take them to recycling centers. But how many people even know those exist? Our society’s obsession with obtaining the newest model leaves the old in a landfill to pollute our planet.

            From the very beginning, I wanted to alter the mindset of the industry. How can we sell a product that will not add to our environmental problems? That, I think, has made all the difference. Rather than worry about carrying around a 14-inch computer everywhere, the customer’s brain becomes the computer. Some would argue that it has been an organic computer from the very beginning, so this transition, adding a technological component to the center of our being, felt natural to us.

            Once the MPlant started to sell, we of course had to construct expansions. Who needs five different social media accounts? So, we built a streamlined platform that has it all. NAYA lets people do everything they would have done on the old social media sites, whether posting pictures, writing comments, or sharing news. It also has automatic guards in place to eradicate any hurtful content and false information. For many parents, this product has saved lives as it can act as a GPS locator for lost or kidnapped children.

            Last year, we put out our most successful expansion to date, the Music Ultimate Sensory Experience. MUSE is the only system with access to every song ever produced and transferred to a digital format. Everything from “Buffalo Soldier” to “Defying Gravity” and “Back in Black” to “Du Hast.” Rather than destroy eardrums with earbuds, we plug the music right into the brain. You get all the benefits of enjoying music without the risk of hearing loss.

            So how do we top that, you ask? Coming this holiday season, is the MUSE-L. The Music’s Ultimate Sensory Experience – Luxury edition comes in five new colors, including my favorite, aquamarine. In addition, we have better targeted the pleasure center of the brain. Our users will feel a sense of contentment with every use. We at Questae, Inc. know that you will crowd the nearest communications stores for more details. Just remember to recycle your outmoded products to receive a 15 percent discount on the purchase of your next Questae product.

            This message, paid for by Questae, Inc. Offers and products not available in all regions. See your local communications stores for details. Uploaded to NAYA September 16.

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